These two could not stop laughing and hugging throughout the session. Matt even gave up watching the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs for this evening with Callie!

"Being together for almost 5 years, when comparing it to some relationships isn’t very long, but it’s what we’ve done and have gone through together that matters most to us. Moving to Ireland before our 1st year anniversary was a leap of faith, and moving back to Canada (not where our family was), was a leap of faith and they are all things we would do again as long as we have each other. We promise each other to never give up and when things get tough as they have been for the past year and a bit, we will get through it together. One thing we always say to each other is “all my heart” because that's what our relationship is, it’s work, it’s laughter and it’s with all of our hearts that we love each other."

- Callie + Matt