Their Story

In 2020 they met on Bumble, while both living in Sudbury, which didn't last long. Before they knew it they were having to date long distance for two years due to unforeseen circumstances. They finally reunited in Ottawa and have been living together for almost 2 years with many many more years to come!! They actually just got married a few weeks ago!! Wooo! 🎊

Alessandra loves animals, so I was pretty excited when a few ducks decided to hang around during their session. They're super adventurous, and they love hikes. On a cold, rainy day you'll find them inside doing puzzles. 🧩

🐇 Super cute fun fact: Alessandra's bunny would know it was dinner time from the phone ringing because she and Derek would call each other at the same time each night while they were long distance to do a Wordle challenge together and chat. 😍

💍 Crazy story: While they were slow dancing during their photo session, Alessandra's engagement ring slipped off her finger and into the water!!! 😱 I was horrified, but Derek just calmly grabbed it from the shallow waters, and all was well. That's definitely a first for me! 😅