To help celebrate our anniversary this year, I decided to share how Chris and I met. As a couples photographer, I’m really passionate about taking photos that capture a love story. So, here is ours!

It all started back in college. In 2011 Chris and I both attended Algonquin College for the Interactive Multimedia Developer Program (IMD). Our time there consisted of many coffees, long nights, and the slightest bit of sleep wherever, whenever and on top of whatever we could find.

Our first time working together was for a horror film we had to make for a project with two other group members. In Chris’s words, “It’s a trainwreck that will never see the light of day.” In fact, working on this project was where I first met Chris’ parents. Their first impression of me is of me taking on the role (as a grown woman) of the 6-year-old child with pigtails. This is the type of first impression ladies can only dream of having with their in-laws (audible sarcasm).

Halfway through the year, we met Roxanne. Then we were a trio, always the three of us. We teamed up for group projects, ate lunches, and supported each other through our school year.

Our semesters were full, packed with 8 classes (which meant 8+ ongoing projects). It was during this time we saw each other’s worst sides. Working late in the computer labs, Chris ran on an almost consistent cycle of coffee, energy drinks, and Tylenol & Cold and Sinus. I was trying to grab onto any chance I had to nap - even if that meant plopping on a row of desks or chairs... Yes, that happened. It was tough, but nobody else I would have wanted to go through all this with other than Chris.

The lab that quickly became home.

Sleep deprivation has never looked so good!

Roxanne & Chris got me a cupcake for my 19th birthday!

December 30, 2011

Halloween 2012

Graduation 2013!

After a year and a half of knowing each other, Chris started to like me as more than a friend, and finally mustered up the courage to tell me how he felt. We sat in the car, watching the reddest, vibrant sunset we had ever seen on Remembrance Day. It sounds way more romantic than it felt at the time. Chris says he confidently remembers that he “looked like a homeless person with a ratty beard that I grew for a crazy stop motion video we were shooting.” What I remember the most during that moment was how not awkward it felt. I was caught off guard because I was avoiding my feelings - subconsciously, I knew I liked him back. My response was basically, “oh.. okay. Thanks for letting me know - I’ll need some time to process that”. 

The more I reflected on what he just shared, the more I realized I felt the same way. It’s okay to not have an answer right away when people express their feelings towards you. And I wanted to make sure my feelings were genuine and not rushed. Time passes, and we’re spending tons of intentional time together and going on dates that we refused to call dates. What I loved most was how natural it felt to be with him; it was never forced or awkward. I felt (and still feel) like I could be 100% myself with him, which wasn't something I let myself do easily with others. 

Flash forward to December 23rd; Chris and I stayed at my parent’s place for some fun downhill skiing. Chris drove through a snowstorm so we could hang out. The power went out that evening, so we all got really sleepy. Candles were lit everywhere, and Chris and I sat together on the couch (again, this sounds way more romantic than we realized at the time). My dad was on the other couch, completely knocked out - snoring (so romantic). This was when Chris asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I was super flattered, and I knew I wanted to be. Still, I hesitated because of my insecurity from past relationships. After expressing my worries, he reassured me that he wouldn’t be like the other guys (basically, he’s way better, and smarter) and that I could trust him. I knew I wanted to be with him at that moment, and he was right after all.

I am so glad that I found Chris. Not only as a partner but as my best friend as well. We've seen each other through tough times and good times and stick together to support one another.

I can't imagine my life without him. He makes me laugh every single day - even the hard ones. Being myself is a vulnerable and freeing thing to be. With Chris, I can be that all the time. I feel entirely accepted, seen, understood, and loved by him. So Chris, if you’re reading this, happy anniversary!!! I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us. I wouldn’t want to go through this crazy, beautiful life with anyone else!

We've never stopped being embarrassed by this photo!