I'm beyond excited at how beautiful these photos turned out!! 🤩 We couldn't find anyone we knew who was going to be in Cape Breton during our stay, so we decided to ask our Airbnb host if he knew anyone who would be interested. We met up with Makayla + Ben the day of, and they seriously aced this shoot!! ✨💖

These two met at work back in Halifax. She noticed Ben right away and knew they would be good together. After a few months of getting to know each other Ben asked Makayla if she'd be willing to move back to his hometown in Cape Breton with him. 🏞️ Knowing how gorgeous Cape Breton is, and how sure she was about her and Ben, it was a no-brainer. When you know, you know!

🐳 Now she and Ben work together at a whale-watching tour center, which means they get to spend most of their summer out on the ocean! Makayla's goal is to do all of the trails in Cape Breton and write reviews on each one. 🥾⛰️

During the beach session, Chris kept telling me he was seeing a seal pop up in the waves, but every time I looked it was nowhere to be found. Eventually, I saw the seal and was relieved Chris wasn't suffering from some kind of ocean madness. 🤪😆

**What you don't see in the photos is how cold and windy it was!!

➡️ Who's up for a photo session in Cape Breton in 2024? We'll be booking limited spots!!