Are you and your partner finding yourselves lacking in the fun/romance department? If so, ask yourselves “when was the last time we had a date night?”

As simple as going out or doing something fun at home might sound, we often don't set aside spending intentional time with our partner in our schedule. While the odd spontaneous date can be really fun, planning consistent date nights can do wonders for your relationship and your sanity!

Date nights can be easy if you follow these tips!

1. Subscribe to a date box 

Date boxes are a great way to spend time together with minimal setup. Everything you need for your date comes to you in a neat little package! You can order them as a one-off thing every now and then or subscribe and have a new box shipped to your door every month! There are quite a few companies that offer this service - we highly recommend Crated With Love. They’re so fun and really well thought out!

2. Take turns or plan together

Take turns planning the dates or plan together at the beginning of each month! Planning makes things happen, ask anyone.. I’ll wait. (Now that you’re back) sit down with your partner and plan (ideally) 4 dates, one for each week. These can be anything you both want to do, big or small. As long as you’re connecting and having a great time away from work and any other stressors/commitments you’re on the right track! This way you’re setting your expectations and you have a lot to look forward to each week!

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Make sure you have a shared calendar (either digital or hard copy) to help you stay on the same page with your dates. This ensures that no one forgets and no one double books!

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Give yourself a break/cut yourself some slack! Date nights don’t have to involve tons of planning. (*Gasp! I know, right? Shocking!) For example, if you’ve had a crazy week and you literally want to do nothing… go get a couple’s massage, play Mario Kart, or sit on the couch in your PJ’s! Relaxing together 100% counts as a date night.

Just make sure you incorporate some time to connect. What does that mean? Take some time to talk with each other using some fun prompts for meaningful conversation. Click here to see what we mean!

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Here are some helpful resources to make planning dates a breeze! 

Dollar dates

Have trouble sitting down and planning a date night? Are you out of new ideas? If you sign up for the Dating Divas Dollar Dates 2020 or 2021 Bundle, you'll receive an email with 12 date night apps that give you easy, creative, and cheap ways to keep date nights going! On sale for only $10 (done-for-you-dates).

ALL the date ideas

Want a library that features more dates than your mind can handle!? Check these out.

create your own

Create your own date night from an easy multiple-choice questionnaire! Free downloadable here.

Adventure challenge

Try the Adventure Challenge Book! This book is a really fun and imaginative way to have awesome out-of-the-box dates (like making a pie blindfolded while your partner directs you!). All the dates in the book are covered and you have to scratch them off individually to reveal your date for the week! It’s like a scratch and sniff, but instead of sniffing, you get a date.