We're all in our homes a lot more these days. You may have found yourself going through old photos of family & friends. 

Maybe you found some photos that weren't stored properly in an attic or a garage and you want to display them but they've been damaged.


We know how meaningful photos are, especially now when we can't see our loved ones as much as we used to, or at all.

We can restore these precious keepsakes to their former glory & beyond!

Orignal Photo

Cropped, rips/dust/scratches removed, enhanced clarity


Original photo

original photo

made it so both dogs are looking at the same time, removed leaches and people

Here are examples of what we can help you with:

• Photos with eyes closed

• Mouths opened that need to be closed

• Missing tooth

• Discoloration or fading

• Dust, scratches, stains or rips

• Water damage

• Your whole family looks great in one photo, but you look great in the next one. You wish you could merge them!

• You hate the background and want it replaced

• Distracting objects or people in the photo you want gone!

• Crazy fly-away hairs gone!