Living together during a pandemic means that you never get time away from your partner anymore, especially if you both work remotely. The situation can easily breed conflict and boredom. Don’t let the pandemic bring staleness into your relationship! 

Here are some ways you can keep your relationship

fresh + fun

1. Send them snail mail!

The era of instant messaging has kicked snail mail to the curb. When most people check their mailboxes now, they dread the credit card bills, bank notices, and spam flyers they are going to get. 

It’s prime time to change that.

One of the best ways to show love to your partner (especially if one of their love languages is Words of Affirmation) is to send them cards. I’m not talking about long messages via text or e-mail. I’m talking about physical cards.

Buy a box of greeting cards or a stationery set. If you’re artsy, you can paint your own watercolor card or make a pop-up card for your loved one.

Here are some tutorials to get you started:

2. Uber Eats Surprises

Dinner dates are the staple of every relationship. It’s where good conversation happens over good food, satisfying your minds, hearts, and stomachs.

If you’re unable to see your partner in person during this season, try sending them a food delivery instead! 

Tip: For most delivery services, there’s a free option to leave a note on the container. Make sure to put in a request to write a special message for your loved one! 


An escape room is a great way for you and your partner to use your intellect, challenge your wits, and have some fun! It’s also a great way to have double/triple dates online!

Here are some places for you to check out:

·      Escape Manor

·      Room Escape

·      The Escape Game

4. Bouquet Deliveries

Flowers at the door are a sure way to let someone know that you care, regardless of the occasion.

If flowers are not your partner’s thing, consider edible arrangements like fruit bouquets, chocolate bouquets, or cookie bouquets!

Ottawa Flowers are a great business!

5. The Vengeance Van

We know how stressful of a time this is and what better way to alleviate stress than to get in the back of a truck or moving van and smash anything from old TVs to glasses. Just the thought of taking a baseball bat or a golf club to a printer is something we could probably do weekly!

If there's a more fun way to care for your mental health we haven't heard of it!

Check them out here:

6. Art Night

Grab your art supplies and host a virtual art night! You can either try to paint or sketch a portrait your partner (which could either go really well or end in lots of laughs), search up painting tutorials on YouTube, or fill in colouring books to your heart’s content. The options are limitless, use your creativity! 

7. Fun Photography Session

Do you ever wish you had more pictures together? Now is the perfect time to get some taken!

Whether you decide to have a home-shoot or a professional one, make sure you’re having fun during the process! It’s about more than just the result, but about connecting in the moment as well.

We specialize in couple photography! Many of our clients tell us, years later, that their portrait created by S+C is their most cherished possession. We would love to give you stunning memories to fill your home with!