Hello Team,

Here is a portfolio of some of my work that I feel showcases graphics, photos, and video that relate to this position.

Thank you for your consideration!


Graphic Design

Here are some samples of graphic design work I've done for Hallmark movie set dec, local business social media posts, and a magazine I was featured in.

Graphics for Hallmark movie set dec
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Photo Restorations

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Digitization & Editing

Renault Tank - WW1

This photo was scanned from a glass plate negative on an Epson Flatbed Scanner, then touched up using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Then I recolored it based on references of the uniforms and vehicles of the time.

Family portrait

This print was too large for a scanner so I took a photo using a DSLR camera and edited it in Photoshop to reduce any camera warp. Then at the request of the client, I added a forest in the background and removed the stripes on one of the family members' sweaters.

Scanned and cleaned up slide

8mm Film digitization

Here is a sample of 8mm film digitized, re-timed, and cleaned up.

Product Photography

Here is a selection of photos taken to show off a variety of products, toys, clothes, oil bottles, and decanters for a local shop, and art from La Machine. I was privileged to have had some of my photos featured in a UK magazine a couple of years ago.

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