Living together during a pandemic means that you never get time away from your partner anymore, especially if you both work remotely. The situation can easily breed conflict and boredom. Don’t let the pandemic bring staleness into your relationship! 

Here are some ways you can keep your relationship

fresh + fun

1.    Plan a Getaway Day

A change of scenery can do wonders for your mental wellbeing as well as your relationship with your partner!

Here are some places you can still visit during COVID-19:

Parc Omega

Feed deer and enjoy the stunning scenery at Parc Omega. The park boasts 900 hectares of preserved nature and 400 wild animals including deer, wolves, bears, and bison. Non-threatening animals are allowed to roam freely throughout the park, where they can eat carrots from out of your hand to your heart’s delight!

The park currently operates as a 12 km car safari trail, with walking trails that you can still explore (with a mask on).

take a hike!

Now that the snow's finally gone, take your partner out for a nice hike! It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise while spending time with your loved ones.

Here's a list of 12 breathtaking in and around the Ottawa area!

2.    Set Apart Intentional Date Time

Time blurs together during the pandemic. Days turn into months, and soon an entire year is gone.

It’s easy to get lost in the current of things, but make sure you’re setting apart intentional time to spend with your partner. Just because you see them a lot doesn’t mean you’re spending quality time with them.

Here are some ideas for fun date nights at home:

build a fort + S'mores

What better way to have fun than to create a little fortress of your own? 

  1. Cozy up & make a fort in your living room (you can even add some twinkly lights on top of your fort for extra pretty-ness)!
  2. Get the items you need for s'mores (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows) & safe canned methanol to toast your marshmallows! Get a premade kit here.
  3. Pick a Disney movie to watch that you loved growing up.
  4. Enjoy this fun, cozy, and throwback evening together.

*Don't forget, you can always use our conversation starters here.

*We’d love for you to share your date night with us on social media by tagging @scphotoandvideo

Wine Tasting

Just because the wineries are closed, doesn’t mean the wine tasting has to stop. Order some wine to be delivered to your home or visit your local LCBO and pick out a few choices.

Get your wine glasses out and see if you can describe the range of flavors in your drinks!

Here are more great ideas on fun dates from home!

3.    Try New Hobbies Together

Now is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby—together.

Whether that be painting, baking, dancing, or photography, choose a hobby to try and get your partner to pick one as well. This way, you can both try something the other person loves and spend some quality time together.

See a few fun + creative ideas below!


Make this more interesting and hilarious by blindfolding your partner, and guiding them throughout the process. Switch roles halfway through so you both get to guide each other.

eat Churros

Pick them up or have them delivered! These sweet treats are a sure-fire way to make your day!

We highly recommend La Catrina Churros, they're the best in the city!

Check them out here!


We know how stressful of a time this is and what better way to alleviate stress than to get in the back of a truck or moving van and smash anything from old TVs to glasses. Just the thought of taking a baseball bat or a golf club to a printer is something we could probably do weekly!

If there's a more fun way to care for your mental health we haven't heard of it!

Click here to check them out!

Make it playful

  1. Make each other chef headbands (cause that's way cooler than chef hats).
  2. Make cinnamon buns while watching The Office (or your favorite TV show).
  3. Any time characters in the show said something specific attack the other with whip cream!!

*We're not responsible for any accidents.

4.    Fun Photography Session

Do you ever wish you had more pictures together? Now is the perfect time to get some taken!

Whether you decide to have a home-shoot or a professional one, make sure you’re having fun during the process! It’s about more than just the result, but about connecting in the moment as well.

We specialize in couple photography! Many of our clients tell us, years later, that their portrait created by S+C is their most cherished possession. We would love to give you stunning memories to fill your home with!